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Fish Florida and Kids Fishing Programs Have a Successful Summer

Posted on January 31st, 2008 by admin

Hollywood, FL – This summer, more than 6,300 children learned that fishing is fun. Fish Florida donated 6,376 rods, reels, and tackle kits to 27 organizations hosting kids’s fishing clinics in 28 Florida communities.

From Apollo Beach to West Palm Beach, Florida communities took advantage of great weather, children’s curiosity, and good fishing to hold fishing summer camps, clinics, derbys, trips, and tournaments.

During these events, children built self-esteem learning new skills, met new friends, and discovered new things about the environment around them. As one child said, “there are some crazy fish out here; they are big, really big!” For many of the kids, activities like learning to cast, touching a horseshoe crab, baiting their hook, and boating were first time experiences.

The kids aren’t the only ones who enjoyed the experience. Over 1,000 volunteers joined the children to share their love of fishing and the environment. They did it to build better citizens and to introduce kids to the great outdoors and their favorite sport. Families benefitted too by sharing an activity they can do together.